BASTAS - Be A Santa To A Senior - Project

Current Project location for BASTAS - Be A Santa To A Senior web application:

Greetings @bmcgonag @daniel_ferguson @mem0lnx @tbaugh ( sorry, if I’m forgetting anyone),

I thought it to be a good idea to start this discussion thread to track the project’s progress. Since not everyone can attend every meeting and memories are what they are, it will be good to also keep some record of discussions etc.

Perhaps we should start a page on the wiki as another more static source of information regarding this project.

I’m on IRC if anyone is available as well.


Great plan. Were you able to be at the last meeting this past Monday? If not, perhaps @daniel_ferguson or @tbaugh can fill me in a bit on what was done/ discussed.

I’m still out of town, but should be back before this Monday. Is another meeting scheduled?

@bmcgonag, @daniel_ferguson, @tbaugh

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the last meeting. Since I aslo can’t go if there is another meeting on Monday, I would appreciate it if someone took posted minutes or something.

There is no BASTAS project meeting this week. Dan has finals coming up and we agreed the next meeting will be at our monthly Linux group meeting. I will give you a summary of last week meeting a little later when I have a few minutes.

OK. I’ve also started a BASTAS sub-category to this, the “Open Source”, category on the forum. I thought that would be a better place to hold discussions about the few components to the project.

I wanted to leave a quick update on the BASTAS Meeting we had on April 20th. Dan & I were the only one in attendance. Dan reviewed a template that he downloaded as a good example of what the web pages could be designed around. It is a great starting point, so we wouldn’t have to start from scratch with the coding. He also reviewed some of the code within the templates. I wanted to use an app that Brian suggested called “Pencil Project”. It is an app to help designs the pages (screens) to a application project. I downloaded and installed this app on my Linux Laptop. My goal is to layout some of the pages as I visualize it, and have it ready for the May 9th meeting. They are all rough, and can be changed. We can discuss then.

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On this thread, @daniel_ferguson, I cloned the Git repo, but it seems we need it running on a server. Have you set this up on the test server that @mem0lnx created? If so, do you have a link?

I’d like to start looking at the code a bit, and trying to understand what it does. Or do I need to setup my own server?

I was able to run in out of the brackets ide. What issues are you having? If you think it will help everyone, I can go over the tutorial project at the next meeting and everyone can step through the project together and i can help troubleshoot problems right then and there.


@daniel_ferguson - I tried to view it from the index.html file, but it loaded a blank page only. I’ll try it from Brackets instead.

Running it from the Brackets IDE worked. So, for all interested, you can get the Brackets IDE from

It’s a free / open source project to create a really great Integrated development environment (IDE) for people to do web development.

There are some great videos out there on how to get the most out o fit, and it has tons of plugins so you can get themes, predictive type, and linters (things that tell you when you may have a mistaken your code).

@tbaugh Have you been able to get some screen designs together yet? I could start some of the base HTML work to get those laid out, and with some help from @daniel_ferguson I imagine we could start getting some of the Angular JS in place. I know @mynameiscow was going to work on an importer as well, so not sure where that may be at this point.

Maybe we can all do a check in on progress.

I have the one screen shot done. I will probably have to email it to the group, since it is a pdf file. I was thinking about meeting one weekday night soon. I was sort of waiting for Chris to get back from the other side of the world. Any days work for you? @daniel_ferguson @mynameiscow @bmcgonag. If we have a meeting on the second Saturday of June, I will miss it because I will be out of town.

I’m easy right now. NO major travel plans for a while.

@tbaugh @bmcgonag @daniel_ferguson

If there are no delays, I will be in Lubbock Monday night, and then I am going to sleep for many many hours.

@mynameiscow @tbaugh @bmcgonag

I will be out of town this afternoon until Sunday night and then I am leaving town Tuesday (6/2) till Friday (6/5) night. So, Monday night might work if we can meet around 6pm or anytime after Saturday, June 6th. If you want to wait till Saturday, that will give @mynameiscow plenty of time to sleep. Lol.

I may be up again by then.

@daniel_ferguson @mynameiscow @bmcgonag Maybe we can meet on Saturday morning June 6th, since Chris can’t make the Monday meeting. I would like to schedule it around 10:30am, so my wife can work out in the morning before I leave for the meeting. If you all like, we can have it at the Home Instead Community Room, but please let me know if that works for everyone. Thanks for all of your help.

@tbaugh @daniel_ferguson @bmcgonag
Saturday works for me.

@tbaugh, @daniel_ferguson, @mynameiscow
Saturday works for me as well, and Home Instead sounds like a great place. Just let me know what time.

@tbaugh @mynameiscow,

Don’t know if we ever heard from @daniel_ferguson as to whether he will be here today. I know he’s been in Colorado most of this week.