BASTAS - Be A Santa To A Senior - Project

@tbaugh will provide screen shots of his table view from Access db to @bmcgonag and @mynameiscow. Additionally he will provide Excel sheet to mynameiscow.

Bmcgonag will start breaking apart Access Schema into separate tables in the MariaDB. Bmcgonag will provide the new schema to mynameiscow.

Mynameiscow will begin working on a command line based importer for the excel sheet.

@Lopezb29 will start working unman page layout in html.

@daniel_ferguson will chime in with us on Angular and the best way to implement that portion of the solution.

So sorry guys, I got in late last night cause the plane was delayed and I completely forgot about the meeting this morning. I’ll put together some angular resources and see what I can do to the framework layed out. Do we have a repo for the command line importer, MariaDB scheme, and html pages?
@Lopezb29, @bmcgonag, @mynameiscow

@daniel_ferguson @bmcgonag @tbaugh @Lopezb29

I started a repository on the LBBLUG github page:

Right now it’s totally bare, but I will start creating some directory structure for scripts, html, etc. I don’t expect that we will need much depth.

@tbaugh @daniel_ferguson @mynameiscow @Lopezb29

I am attaching a spreadsheet with my thoughts on table structure for the Bastas Project. Please take a look at it, provide thoughts, feedback, and we can come to some conclusions on these. Then I’ll add them to the MariaDB.

On the left is what I pulled from Terry’s current Access Tables. On the right moving downward is what I see as being somewhat proper table setup. Not completely normalized, but close enough for our purposes I think.

If you disagree, let me know, and we can fix it. That’s why I want feedback before I put it into the DB.

thanksBASTAS_Tables.ods (25.8 KB)

So, I’ve modified the above linked file to be in an entity relationship diagram (ERD). Maybe a bit easier to look at, and I’ve split up the Permissions part as well to make it a bit more flexible for others who may someday decide they want to take it and do something slightly different with it. I mean, it’s open source right…so let’s make it useful.

Just a few comments.

  • We could normalize a little more but I don’t know if it is worth the hassle. We should just make sure to only access through stored procedures then we can change the schema later if we need to / want to.
  • The prefixes that you have added (like giver_, or recip_, or gift_)
    are not really need. I think we should remove all of the prefixes except for
    the key field. Just so it is cleaner.
  • Keys should be int, not bigint. There will never be 9223372036854775807 records of anything. And if there where, the server probably could not handle it. 2147483647 should be plenty in my opinion.
  • We should look into adding namespaces so we can split out the permissions for the user tables and the rest of the tables.

Keys updated. Prefixes removed except for IDs. Script added to GitHub.

I checked into schemas, and basically found that in MySQL and MariDB Schema and Database are synonymous.

@bmcgonag @tbaugh

I uploaded the batch importer script to the git repository. So far, it only parses the CSV file exported from the spreadsheet. I took Brian’s suggestion and added an option to specify a different format as a command line argument. That made the script a bit more complicated but it was pretty fun. The next steps are a little obvious, maybe I can chat with Brian a little this week regarding these:

  1. add MariaDB commands in the script to do something useful with the information
  2. add some functions to protect the DB from SQL commands in the spreadsheet. It’s probably not a huge concern, but it’s better to solve problems before we suffer from them.

Another script which should help reduce Terry’s need to add numbers to routes can be developed very quickly using the batch importer as a base. It will take a CSV file as input and dump a new one with routes changes from 1 to 1-1, 1-2, etc.


@tbaugh @daniel_ferguson @mynameiscow @Lopezb29 Can we have an online meeting sometime this week? I’m just back from Vacation, but thought we ought to get together one evening to discuss our progress, and next steps.

I have the site where we can do webcams, audio, screen sharing, and white-boarding online.

I can just setup accounts for each of you and we could use that for a quick 30 minute or hour lmeeting. This keeps it where Beatriz can join without having to worry about being later for work, and we can start a little later if needed for those working later.

I’m pretty much free each evening as of right now, if you’ll let me know what night(s) work for you all, I’ll get things setup.

@bmcgonag I can meet any day but Thrusday.

Thursday works for me.

Spoke to @daniel_ferguson and he mis-read @mynameiscow 's options. I propose we meet on Saturday morning around 10:00 am online.

Will that work for everyone?
@tbaugh @Lopezb29

I was sick today and since last night, ro I would have suggested today.

Sorry, I thought @mynameiscow said Thursday was good. Misread that. Any day is good for me.
CC: @bmcgonag

Saturday morning at 10:00am webcam should be fine with me. Sorry for the delay getting back.

Saturday is fine with we as well.

@tbaugh I found that I also needed to store the db info into a configuration file so tha twe don’t have to prompt the user every time they come back to the BASTAS site. I’ve created that script and added it to the install php file.

@daniel_ferguson @mynameiscow and Terry, for the Stored Procedures, it looks pretty easy, but what specific stored procs do we need?

I’m guessing some for reading, some for inserting, etc., but hard to define until we get a bit more of the user experience and workflow laid out I think.

@daniel_ferguson I checked out your instructions. I think they are ok, but we may want to give some more breakdown for installing Apache, MySQL (MariaDB), php, NodeJS, and NPM for those that may not be as technical.

Also, after running

npm install

from the terminal in my root folder for the site install where teh package.json lives, I only get a screen with Logo and Login on it, neither of which are clickable.

Can you please make sure I didn’t some how overwrite your home.html file on github.

Is this what you are seeing?

or are you seeing this?

@daniel_ferguson Neither. I see

Can you post the directory structure for this web site?