Creating PGP / GPG Secure Keys

Generating PGP/GPG Keys

  1. Generate your own key pair.
    gpg --gen-key
    gpg --list-keys (Note your Key ID)

  2. Export your own key to send to me.
    gpg -o My-Key-for-Martin.asc --armor --export 0x5678ERYT

  3. Look over my key fingerprints and details in the email just for reference. (Note my Key ID)

  4. Import my keys into your keyring.
    gpg --import Martins-Key-for-Me.asc

  5. Edit my key and select the level of trust you are comfortable with.
    gpg --edit-key 0xABCD1234
    Type “trust” at the prompt and follow prompts.

  6. Sign my key.
    gpg --edit-key 0xABCD1234
    Typer “sign” at the prompt and follow prompts.

  7. Export my keys back out and send them to me so I can include your signature with my keyrings.
    gpg -o Martins-key-with-my-sig.asc --armor --export 0xABCD1234

  8. Email this key to the person you wish to share with anc create a trust with.