JellyFin - Emby Ported to Open Source - Again

As many of you know I have moved from media server to media server over the years. First was Plex. It had open source parts, and I hoped for more, but slowly they moved to closed source, and just went in a direction I didn’t like.

Enter Empy! The group that saw what was wrong with Plex. The saviors for the open source lovers. People bought in, they got great press,a nd now they are just as bad, or worse than Plex. They’ve closed their source code, and are lookin to charge fees for use of any apps not on your netowrk. Jerky indded.

Disparate, I’ve scoured the web for options. I found one that was not bad, but young, and java based, so not ideal for me. Then I found out a group who also was dissatisfied with Emby forked the project, and has continued with it as fully open source.

I installed JellyFin . So far, so good. Not too hard to get installed and setup, thought their docs could be more clear.

It looks exacatly like Emby (as one would expect). I’m excited to have something that’s fully open source. We’ll see how it goes.