Linux desktop Environments

I would like to start a new segment for discussion. I think a lot of the Linux experience is the choice in DE ( desktop environment) and I think it would be a great topic for discussion of each month we pick a DE to try on whatever Distro you prefer.

I would like to start with one I’m pretty sure none, or almost none of us have tried. I’m thinking Enlightenment. Whatever the latest version is.

Basically install it on you current system, or get it in a Distro in Virtual Box, then use it for a week or so, and we will discuss at the November meeting.

Install instructions for Ubuntu 14.04 and up, Mint 17 and up, and other ubuntu derivatives.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:enlightenment-git/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install e20 terminology

That’s it for install. Now you log out, then change DE, and log back in.

Here’s a video as well. I’m jumping you to 2 minutes 10 seconds in, as that’s where he switches to Enlightenment, and you can see a bit about how to navigate it.

Enjoy, and see you at the meeting.

Still havn’t tried Enlightenment, but I have tried out two other distributions lately, Maui and Rockstor.

I am having trouble installing Maui on my Dell Omtiplex 980. The installation always freezes and never completes. @bmcgonag, do you have any ideas? I can post logs if you are interested.

Rockstor is a cloud server of sorts, similar to OwnCloud I think. A pretty new distribution from what I have read. I could get Rockstor installed pretty easily, but the Web UI does not work when using a partition other than BTRFS which apparently is also pretty new and not very stable at the moment. However, once I reinstalled with the BTRFS partition schema, the machine could not load the boot sector. So I am switching to my old and favorite server distribution, Archlinux.

@daniel_ferguson I also had no luck with the Maui Project install. I’m looking into some other options to test out. Sounds like you found a couple of interesting ones to look into.

Maybe you’d be willing to report on them in the January meeting 2016?