PBX Systems - What's out there?

I’ve been looking into PBX Systems recently, and have found both Asterisk (mostly CLI driven, but doesn’t seem impossible to work with), and FusionPBX GUI on top of FreeSwitch (also CLI).

Just wondering if any of you have used, or use currently, either of these, or some other?

I’m thinking about doing a presentation on one of them for the next LUG meeting.

Brian, as you know I am very interested in this topic right now. I have just started doing some research. I am looking at implementing a VOIP solution in our Midland office in the future. I’m looking forward to this conversation at our next meeting.

A quick correction from my talk last meeting. I said that FusionPBX was likely also an Asterisk product, but it is actually based on FreeSwitch (which is a separate product created by one of the originators of Asterisk, but separate from the Asterisk project).

At any rate, still testing. My conundrum is getting a nice system setup and able to be hosted without the fear of hackers getting into my PBX and running up a $400,000 phone bill with my SIP Trunk.

I think the answer lies in a VPN and a hard firewall setup that only accepts the necessary connections over the VPN connection. This way you have a nice secure tunnel through which all of your communication runs, and a secure connection to your capability of calling out. Still researching, but makes sense in my head.