Secure Email Options? Why Yes, There Are!

I gripe pretty constantly about email, and how horrible it’s become. For years we worked under the assumption that people are trust-worthy, and if I learned anything from being a cop for 10 years, it’s that people are horrible on their bad days, and we should really never just blatantly trust them. that’s why open source is such a great concept for me. While I don’t in any way check the code myself, I have much more faith knowing that the code is there for anyone to check should they want to.

That said, encryption of messages, whether it’s as simple as a recipe to your Mother, or a quick note to the love of your life, is important from the standpoint of privacy. Coming from Law Enforcement, I have a good sense of the urgency behind getting fast intelligence to work from, and I fully understand the frustration of the Law Enforcement community today when they hit roadblocks with companies getting on the encryption band-wagon.

There are laws in place to help them get past those roadblocks, and to do so in a transparent way, so it gives me hope when we see them use it.

That said, encrypting your messaging is something we should all do. It protects your private information, your communication with loved ones, and your right to freedom of expression. If, however, you choose to use these tools of privacy for nefarious purposes, then when the Law comes pounding on your door, just remember they aren’t there because of something they did.

On that note, here are some email services that can help you better secure your communication. I use Proton mail myself, and have for a couple of years now. Love the service, and they are constantly adding features.