The level of 'Duh' is beyond words with these guys...Encryption Back-doors are simply BAD!

I don’t know why it’s such a difficult concept to grasp, but you’d think these guys, who are supposedly intelligent would understand that if you create a back door for anyone (ANYONE), it’ s aback door for EVERYONE! It really doesn’t take much thought to get that.

So for me, from a Law Enforcement background… we put locks on our doors to dissuade people from getting into our homes and taking our stuff. Police use battering rams, sledge hammers, and even explosives to open those locked doors in order to carry out their jobs. Guess What! Any moron who really wants in can grab a sledge hammer and bust open your door. It’s not like Police are the only ones capable of using this method of entry.

Now take that to the Cyber world where the criminal isn’t as easily spotted carrying a sledge-hammer around, and you’ve got a fairly simplistic concept that any small child could follow as to why encryption back doors are dumb.