ZorinOS for June 2 Distro Evaluation / Review

Distro for May / June - to be reviewed in June 2016 meeting

This month let’s try out ZorinOS. I’ve used this way back at version 5, and it was pretty good then, but alot has changed on it. So, download it, set it up natively, or in a VM, and let’s discuss its pros and cons in our next LUG meeting on June 2, 2016.

You choose the version you want more…then tell us why, and how your experience was.

Criteria to review / evaluate

Initial Setup
Out of the Box Usability
Default Applications
Look and Feel
Drivers / Driver Issues?
Does it fit your workflow?
Would you use this as your main OS?
Would you give this to your Mom, Dad Spouse, Child?
Would you give this to your friend?
Would you give this to your worst enemy?

Brian, which version of Zorin are you looking for? Version 9 (stable) Version 11 (bleeding edge)
I plan on downloading Zorin and install it on an old PC that I have here, so we can use it at our meeting if you want. Any thoughts?

I was thinking folks could install whatever makes them happy. I installed ZorinOS 9 myself @tbaugh