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Wecome to the Lubbock Linux Users Group (Lubbock LUG) Site!


News and Information of interest in the Linux and Open Source world will be posted under this category. Check out the postings, reply with your thoughts, and enjoy. We will often use these as topics of discussion in upcoming LUG meetings as well.

Code of Conduct

This category exists to inform those interested in being part of the Lubbock LUG about the expected conduct and behavior when taking part in LUG, or LUG sponsored functions.

Cool Linux Stuff to Check Out

This is a simple area where cool stuff, hopefully worth checking out will be posted. When posting something here, please post links that help us find it out on the web.

Learning about Linux

This is for questions, articles, posts, and discussions on the topic of learning about Linux. Whether furthering your own education, or telling others about what you know in order to better educate them, we want to make this a place where we can learn and share our knowledge, tips, tricks, and features of Linux.

Distro of the Month

Check here each month for the Next Distro the Lubbock LUG will be evaluating, reviewing, trying out, loving, hating, and just plain old enjoying the effort on.

Community Outreach

The Community Outread Special Interest Group (SIG) is focused on providing educational information in various programs to the local community with respect to Linux, Open Source, and Free software.

Raspberry PI

The Raspberry PI Special Interest Group (R PI SIG) is focused on the use of inexpensive computingn devices such as the R PI in more complex projects and systems. We plan to do several projects with the PI, and welcome anyone interested in exploring the capabilities of inxpensive computing.


The Virtualization Special Interest Group (SIG) is centered around the use of Virtualization technology. This can range from simple virtual machines, to containerization, and full on virtual servers for cloud based computing.

Open Source

The Open Source Special Interest Group (SIG) is aimed at educating others on the development and use of open source software.

Information Security

The Information Security Special Interest Group (SIG) i spart of the Virtualization SIG, but has been given it's own category in order to keep topics more clearly defined when they don't cross between the two.

Personal Projects

This is a category to post items about personal projects you may be working , or may have worked on, that don't seem to quite fit under the other categories we have.


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Meeting Agendas

This section is reserved for Meeting Agendas and Agenda topics you’d like.