A Linux Client for Mastodon

We discussed the Open Source option for Social Media and networking, Mastodon, during our last LUG Meeting. Since then, I’ve been diggin into it a bit more.

I’ve set myself up to follow some great open source projects, a tech news bot, and a few other news type posters on the federated network. I did find that I actually got in on Mastodon way back when it first started, and I do actually have a Mastodon.social account, but I like this secondary server I’ve joined, so I mostly just stay signed into that server and account.

No Matter, I’m MickInTX on both, so if you want to fine me, that’s the way to do it.


The latter being the more active account for me.

At any rate, the web interface is actually really good, as @Quantafac showed last time. But, it’s always nice to have a desktop client you can use as well. While I haven’t tried it, I have heard some really good things from people sho’s opinion I trust on the client for linux called Whalebird.


So, if you’re interested, sign up for an account on partecipa, then use Whale bird to track the feeds.