A self-hosted, Easier VPN to Setup and Use

I’m always looking for better ways to secure my internet traffic. It’s a nasty world out there, and it just gets natier every day.

One of the steps I’ve taken for years is having a nice private network between my machines. I’ve used NeoRouter for a long time, but recently have been looking for something more open, and that I can truly host myself.

I came across PriTunl (private tunnel i suppose),

and found it to be fairly easy to setup. They have good documentation, and a simple install script for Ubuntu server. So setting it up on your own LAN, or in a cloud environment on a VPS like Digital Ocean or Linode, should be fairly easy.

They have a nice VPN Widget for use on Windows, Linux, and MacOS, and you can use the normal OpenVPN (because that’s what PriTunl is based on) client for iOS and Android.