A valid Open Source Evernote Option?

In my job, and my life in genenral, I take tons of notes. Just quick things I jot down for later. I probably only ever go back and reference 20% of it all, but it’s for that reason I need something really great at several things.

  1. Syncing
  2. Being on any device anytime.
  3. Searching really well so I can find that quick note easily.

EVernote is great, i have to admit it, but I’m just not interested in their platform, and never was. My dislike of them proved valid a couple of years back when they boned tons of their ‘free’ tier users, so I felt a bit vindicated.

Sadly, I’ve looked for years adn just never found a free / open source great option.

I found this article on Joplin, a new player on the market and it looks promising. I’m probably going to install it soon and see what it’s all about.