ANy ideas for the May Distro of the Month 2021?

I’d love to do a distro of the month for May 2021 meeting. Anyone got any ideas for one?

I’ve seen Ubuntu 21.04 is out, as well as ZorinOS 16 Beta, and Pop_OS has a new version out as well as F3dora.

Any preferences?

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I do not have any preferences. Out of the list you shared, Pop_OS I know the least about. Anyone on your list would be great. Thanks.

Okay, Let’s do the newest 21.04 of Pop_OS! I believe it has a newer UI based on the new and supposedly improved Gnome 40. Should be interesting.

I guess some youtubers somehow got early access to this distro, as I can’t find a place to download 21.04 anywhere, and it’s not due out til june.

Maybe they built it from source, but I’m not doing that.

Why don’t we try the OpenSuse 15.3 RC that’s out there now. Here’s a link to the live .iso file.

we can review this til Pop-OS is out next month (in theory).

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