Community Outreach - Starter Project Ideas

I talked about this in the meeting last time, but will post it here again as well.

During the holidays back in Del Rio with my mom, she told me about one of the groups she’s a member of. They normally have anywhere from 6 to 10 attendees at their meetings (sound familiar?), but for one particular meeting had in the range of 30 folks show up.

My mom had found, through conversation, that many of the members of her group had smart phones that they didn’t really understand, know how to configure, or know how to use. She worked with the local ATT rep, and he agreed to come lead a class on how to use and configure smart phones.

For this, they had a much higher than normal number of people show up.

I thought we might offer the same type of class. She suggested checking into Senior Centers in Lubbock and the area and posting the offering there, so I’m looking for other ideas

Sounds like a good topic to brain storm more on.

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