Crypto Key Generation and Web of Trust

by mynameiscow » Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:37 am

Hi Guys,

I think I missed the meeting where some of this was explained. If you post some brief instructions here, I can add my key to the web of trust.

I’m vaguely familiar with the process, but pretty rusty. If you would like, I could also put them on the wiki.

Chris, Back last summer I sent out a few GnuPG cheat sheets. I just resent them to your gmail account. Let me know if they help or not. Thanks, /MM

Thanks @mem0lnx, if you hadn’t sent it, I still have it to share as well. I think @mynameiscow should be up to speed now.


Thanks, I got the cheat sheets. Using them, I’ve generated a key pair. I’ll respond to your email with my public key attached.

A quick question, do you export your private key in order to copy it to multiple machines or generate new sets of keys?


@mem0lnx will probably have to provide specifics, but I know you can export the keys to move them to other machines @mynameiscow.

If I come across the instructions again, i’ll add them to this post.