Distro of the Month - Sept 2017 - Void Linux

Go get it, install it, play with it, break it, review it.

If you need links, here are a few choice links for various Void Linux .iso files with different desktop environments.

32 Bit:
Mate Destkop: http://filetransfer.lubbocklug.org:8000/f/11fb2d08bdba42ce8f09/?dl=1
XFCE Desktop: http://filetransfer.lubbocklug.org:8000/f/f8a3b22913df4618821f/?dl=1

64 bit:
Cinnamon Desktop: http://filetransfer.lubbocklug.org:8000/f/c0b6da8763bd4c9abc2b/?dl=1
LXQT Desktop: http://filetransfer.lubbocklug.org:8000/f/839e63430afe4a14907c/?dl=1