February 2022 Meeting Date - Thursday, February 24th

Join us for our next Lubbock LUG meeting on

Thursday, February 24, 2022 @ 6:30 PM.

We will meet at:
1010 Slide Rd.
Lubbock, TX 79416

We meet in the community room of Home Instead Senior Care office. (Enter through the south front door)

We will be conducting a face-to-face meeting. We will be respecting social distancing with our seating. If you wish, you may wear a mask.

In addition, you may join in on our Jitsi video conference session with Brian. He will be adding the Jitsi link as the date gets closer.

We look forward to seeing you there


We will also be making our Monthly Lubbock LUG meeting available online for those who are interested in joining virtually.

If you can join, we would love to have you online with us. You can simply join via your web browser at

When prompted allow the site to access you microphone and camera (optional) and you’ll be ready to join.

If you prefer there is also a Jitsi app for both iOS and Android. Joining via the app isn’t hard.

  • Download and install the app from your platform app store. This app is free, and you should not pay for it.
  • Open the App, and if you are not prompted for a Server URL, open the app settings, and find the place to change the Server URL, or Add a new Server URL.
  • Add the URL “https://meet.lubbocklug.org
  • Go back to the main page of the app, and choose to Join a Room.
  • Enter the Room name as “MonthlyLUGMeeting”
  • Click Join, and you should be all set!

We’ll be discussing all things Linux, Unix, Open Source, and fun.

Hope to see you all there.

I’m starting a reply thread for any topics we may want to discuss. If you have topics you’d like to cover, please just add a reply below, and include TOPIC at the top of the reply.

NOTE: You can edit your own replies, so you can add to your topic list vs. adding multiple replies, if you prefer.


  • Finding disparate network devices using Linux and the CLI.
  • Good Stewards of Open Source
    • How can I get involved?
    • I’m not a programmer, how can I help?
    • Reporting bugs properly.
    • Requesting new features properly.
    • Helping others find solutions.

NetDiscover - a super useful cli tool for finding the IP of disperate devices.

sudo netdiscover -f -i < interface name >

Essentially, just connect the device directly to your machine, then power it up.

Run the command above, replacing < interface name > with the actual name of the interface on yoru machine.

For example:

sudo netdiscover -f -i eth0

Now watch for anthing returned on your screen, and assuming you only have the 1 device connected, anything that shows up should be that device.