Git GUI Client for Linux

##The Linux GUI Struggle

Linux is historically a very CLI (Command Line Interface) centric system. The addition of Desktop Environments didn’t come until a few years into the project, and even then, if you really wanted to harness the power of Linux, you needed to be a bit of a CLI Guru.

Winds of Change

Over time, more and more focus has been given to the plethora of DEs in the Linux offering. It’s a huge benefit for the user of today, and aside from those few elitists who think that the CLI is the only way to work, it offers up a great experience for beginners and advanced users alike.

I’m always on the look out for good GUI clients for things that I end up doing in the terminal, simply because when you find a good GUI client for any process or application, if it’s done well, it will be just as easy, if not easier, to use as the CLI version.

Last night, I happened across GitKraken (ha ha - get it? Get Cracken? and of course the play on the mythical Kraken - one of the Titans). Anyway, I downloaded their .deb, installed it on Ubuntu 16.04, and it just worked.

It found my current git repos in my home directory automatically, I was able to add them easily, and it even walked me through the use of the software with a cool little wizard that pointed out the features, and let me fill in information as it went along.

It has a really nice User interface, which for me is important. I like being able to visualize my commits, and see branches, and merges. Very cool tool, and if you just absolutely have to run Windoze :stuck_out_tongue: it will run on that OS as well as the Mac OS X (soon to be MacOS).

Very cool. Will try it out.