Internet Calling - Why would I ever use Skype?


We already know that Microsoft has a history of providing information and data to the three and four letter abbreviation agencies in the US. Even though you are probably someone with nothing to hide, it’s a simple invasion of privacy, a complete violation of trust, and just palin wrong.

What choice do I have?

I’ve heard all of the arguments before, and Ive even made them in the past.

My whole family uses Skype, or Google Hangouts, or Facebook, so I have to…

  • No, you don’t. If the people you need to communicate with love and care about you, they’ll understand, and be willing to use any tool that isn’t completely impossible to setup or figure out.


Tox is a free and open source peer-to-peer chat service that allows Video and Voice calling as well. Too has Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS clients for you to use. So, no one can say “…well they don’t make that for me.”

Ring is a new communication client made for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, and they are working on an iOS app now. It is still in Beta, but it works in a different way. it is a true peer-to-peer network, as there is no centralized server to log into. Instead, when you first run Ring, it gives you a GUID which you then share with your friends. You add more friends as do they, and it turns into a real network of people you can then have audio, video, and group video chats with.


Get out there, try something different, and show the corporations that only want you for your money that you’re good with the Free and Open Source route.