Is there really a best anti-virus for Linux?

Even though our next meeting isn’t until January 2018, I want to make sure that I’m posting some good articles for you guys to look into, and to keep up with what’s happening in Lenix. That said, I want to provide you with some information about antivirus software for Linux. We talked about antivirus during our meeting in October, and we discussed that the windows defender is Potentially the best antivirus available for windows. One of the things I’ve done is a computer repair person who has to deal with Windows machines on a regular basis, is use antivirus software through lyrics to get rid of the virus is without ever having to boot into the windows machine.

I’ll top 10 lists are usually just click bait, I occasionally find something worth getting out of it so here’s a list of Linux antivirus that may be useful for some of you if you want to get into cleaning up Windows machines using Linux.