KDE 5.6 Plasma Desktop using Neon release

Well, I’ve been playing around with Desktop Environments, and decided it was tim eto try KDE again. They just released KDE Plasma 5.6, and I have to say that it’s reallllly nice.

I know since PLasma 5 it’s been pretty buggy, and I’m sure there are still glitches, but this is really a nice DE.

If you want to install it here are the instructions I used for Ubuntu 16.10.

`wget http://archive.neon.kde.org.uk/public.key`

`sudo apt-key add public.key`

`sudo apt-add-repository http://archive.neon.kde.org.uk/unstable`

`sudo apt-get update`

`sudo apt-get install neon-desktop`

By the way, I did use a project called Neon for this, as they will be keeping the KDE versions on more stable pieces than the full on 5.6 plasma. So a win for me.