Looking for a DIY Video Security / Surveillance System for Linux?

Doing some 'IT" support for a few businesses in town, the question often comes up about options for Video Security / Surveillance systems that are easy to use and worth the money / effort.

One of the things many small business owners want is the ability to check in remotely anytime, and ensure things are running smoothly at their business.

Another feature is recording, just in case of security issues. You know, missing money from the til, or a robbery or burglary.

Another security feature, often more desired by home owners, is a record on motion option. Basically the ability to record a specified time before and after motion is detected by the system. Often this can be done by the software, and doesn’t require cameras with special motion sensors built in.

This article does a decent job of giving the highlights of several great options, so give it a look, and if you’re tempted, give some a try.