LUG Email Server

I have a fully functional test server thanks to @bmcgonag for giving me a test domain.
If you have any questions or would like access please let me know.
Please keep in mind that this is not the permanent server we want for the LUG group, this is for testing purposes only, which means that the server may be wiped at any time so please do not setup any important accounts etc on any account that is created for you. Once we have been able to test sufficiently we will look into creating a more permanent solution.

Server address (email, contacts, PGP support, simple UI) (email, contacts, calendar, PKCS support, slick UI)

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We now have the permanent email server online. It can be accessed via web at

We will discuss email account setup at our next meeting. I will be creating a post as well on how to setup your clients for using the new email server soon.

If you would like an account on the email server please reply to this post with your desired username and a contact so that I can get you your temporary password.

IMPORTANT: Use a strong password. Suggested to be at least 16 characters long with uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols. If you do not a spammer could gain access and get our email server blacklisted! I suggest you use a password manager such as Keepass/KeepassXC or Lastpass.

Here is the information for setting up your applications for the email server

IMAP Server address:
IMAP Incoming Port: 993
IMAP Incoming Security: TLS

SMTP Outgoing:
SMTP Outgoing Port: 587
SMTP Outgoing Security: STARTTLS
Require Signin: Yes

Contacts (Carddav):
Calendar (Caldav):

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