Mutt MTA - anybody using it

HI All,

I’m starting to play around with using mutt as my email client. There seems to be quite a learning curve. So, I’m wondering if anyone else is interested or has experience with it. If so, we could perhaps swap config file segments to explore some of the functionalities of mutt.


I have heard about Mutt in the past, but I have not used it or even researched it. Sorry, I am no help.


Cool looking terminal email options @mynameiscow. I haven’t tried it myself. Found a few online videos about setting up gmail and exchange for it though.

Maybe those will help a little.

@bmcgonag Thanks for the links. I have it working for two of my email accounts, including gmail. My configuration now uses the built in imap and smtp functionality as well as using the external sendmail client msmtp. One issue which I can resolve is that mutt will not prompt for a password when msmtp prompts for a password. I’ve seen solutions using a script where gpg decrypts a file which contains the password. There are two problems for which I’m a little stumped.

  1. After some time, a long time, the index list is blank. Mutt says the imap box is open, but doesn’t show any mail. So far I haven’t found anyway around this other than restarting mutt.

  2. The hooks I’ve used to switch between accounts can be quite slow. I think because these hooks act more like an initial contact to the imap server rather than simply switching folders which I should have chached. Perhaps I’m wrong on this point, but the bottom line is I’m learning quite a bit about how email works.