Need a Peer to Peer VPN instead of a full VPN solution?

PeerVPN - An Open Source Mesh VPN Solution for Linux and FreeBSD

I look around for connection options that make it easy to get back to my home systems now an then. I’ve used NeoRouter NeoRouter WebSite for a long time. I get plenty of great use out of their free offering, and it works on Linux, Windows, Mac, and several other platforms, but it’s closed source.

If, however you only need a way to get back to a system across the internet using Linux and / or FreeBSD, then PeerVPN Peer VPN Site might just be for you.

I stumbled across it, and it looks pretty nice. The great thing is that it’s open source, and uses OpenSSL for it’s encryption and connections.

I’m going to add more replies as I find more options. Here’s another one that looks like it will work for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

FreeLAN FreeLAN Website, is another open source solution that allows you to configure the traditional client / server VPN, a Mesh (peer-2-peer) VPN, or a Hybrid VPN.

They provide config file examples, that look fairly easy to setup. i may try this one, and present on it at one of our monthly, meetings, or I may try several and give a compare and contrast presentation.

Well, I found another one that shows some promise. I’m gonna be busy setting these up and testing, I can tell.

SoftEther VPN is another open source project that looks promising.

The tutorials indicate a lot of methods of connecting, and setting up various types of VPNs, so this one could be fun.