NethServer Linux - Distro of the Month for August 9, 2016

Ok, if you want to mess with NethServer, then go here and you can log into their live demo site hosted on Docker. I guess I was half asleep when I suggested this. It’s a server install with a web-based frontend (which while cool, is not useful to everyone).

So, instead I’m switching it up to OpenMandriva This is a desktop distro, and we should be able to get alot more out of it for the general Linux user.

As always, let’s evaluate it for the following:

  • Install
  • Initial Setup
  • Out of the Box Usability
  • Default Applications
  • Look and Feel
  • Navigation
  • Drivers / Driver Issues?
  • Performance
  • Stability
  • Does it fit your workflow?
  • Would you use this as your main OS?
  • Would you give this to your Mom, Dad Spouse, Child?
  • Would you give this to your friend?
  • Would you give this to your worst enemy?