Open Source Invoicing and Billing Software for your Business

So, being that I run a side business for Computer Repair outside of my regular job, I have a need for a solid option to invoice my customers, take payments, and square up the books at the end of the year. My needs are pretty simple, and I know others have more complex needs, particularly when it comes to paying employees and all.

I just thought it would be cool to post some of the Free and Opsn Source Invoicing Options on here for those who may be interested.

My first one is Simple Invoices. I’ve actually been using this one for almost 8 years now. It’s one that I was able to setup and self-host, and I was able to get running with a fair amount of ease.

I even was able to get in and modify the printed invoice template, which for me was great. They later put in things that let you customize it quite a bit for your own business.

They have a hosted offering as well, for those who don’t mind paying a little to support the project.

It can do inventory based billing, quotes, invoices, time based reports for invoices coming due and past due. You can integrate with PayPala, include taxes, and so on. For me it’s been great, but I’m always looking for other options.

As I find more, I’ll post, and if you have one you’ve used, or use now, feel free to post it here as well.

Here’s one that looks promising. They seem to have similar offerings to Simple Invoices.

Invoice Ninja has a commercial / hosted offering, or you can run it yourself. I find it interesting that on their commercial page they don’t even mention the option to run it yourself. I had to hunt a little to find the GitHub page.