Open Source Topic for March 14, 2015 Meeting

I’d like @mynameiscow to cover a short (10 or 15 minute) section on using Git through the terminal if possible, and for @daniel_ferguson to cover some basic development concepts.

I’m thinking

  • Breaking apart a project
  • Maybe use a simple project to start. Hello World is probably too simple to break down.
  • Maybe one with a form, two fields, a button, and a message box.
  • Type in one field, show the text in reverse in the other field, Click button to straighten it out, and show in a message box?


@bmcgonag - What language are you thinking? I’m going to have to brush up on which ever one we use. I’m really only up to date on C# right now.

Sorry if this is a duplicate, I’m getting errors when I try to post a reply.

@bmcgonag - I’d be happy to put some information on git together.

@daniel_ferguson - you can do C# if you want. I suggest downloading and working with MonoDevelop for C#.