Organize Categories?

Hey guys,

To whomever admins the Discourse.lug page, could we fine tune the “Information Security” category a little? I’d like to see a top level category “Information Security (Practical Application/HowTo)” with the following Subcategories:

  1. Server/Workstation Security (Hardening)

  2. Firewalls*

  3. Network Security**

  4. Crypto/Digital Signatures

  5. Mandatory Access Control (SELinux / AppArmor)

  6. Data Integrity/Authenticity/Stewardship

I’d like to see us avoid topics such as inane infosec theory/debate, black-hat-vs.-white-hat stuff, h3y dud3 we c4a h4X0r ur w4rez GG g3t wr3ck7 n00b kind of stuff.

Information Security is a constantly developing discipline that must be taken into consideration at all layers of our Infrastructure. I think we can make a positive contribution to our community if our LUG will take a practical, hands-on, real world approach to weaving information security techniques and practices into the fabric of our LUG.

Also, I think it would be cool to have a “InfoSec Tip of the Month” at our monthly meetings. We could make it occupy only 5-10 minutes per meeting and document it on our website.

What do you think?


*Firewall = A device that controls network traffic both in and out of a network by using well defined rules and policies.

**Network Security = Best practice deployments and implementations of network device staging and setup.

@mem0lnx - I have added the sub-categories as requested. Please send me some "About " information on each and I’ll fill it in.

I stubbed in some information off the top of my head for several, but there is no doubt better information I could put.

Here is what the site lists as a generic prompt for ‘About’ info:

"[Replace this first paragraph with a short description of your new category. This guidance will appear in the category selection area, so try to keep it below 200 characters. Until you edit this text or create topics, this category won’t appear on the categories page.]

Use the following paragraphs for a longer description, as well as to establish any category guidelines or rules.

Some things to consider in any discussion replies below:

  • What is this category for? Why should people select this category for their topic?

  • How is this different than the other categories we already have?

  • Do we need this category?

  • Should we merge this with another category, or split it into more categories?"

You don’t have to answer all of it.

Feel free to try and edit it yourself as well. I have had some issues making others admins for the site, and I have a feeling it has to do with running it in docker.