R-PI Brainstorming Thread

RPi Project Brainstorming
by mynameiscow » Wed Jan 21, 2015 3:28 am

Let’s get the brainstorming started.

Since the Raspberry Pi is so versitile, maybe working through some mini projects which focus on particular tools, interfaces, or skills usefull in larger projects.

Here is a quick and short list of some of these topics:

  • Stream Audio/Video
  • read buttons via GPIO
  • Print information on displays
  • I2C devices
  • SPI devices
  • PWM and Real-Time Linux
  • motor controls
  • reading sensors

Perhaps some more substantial projects which involve these topics could be some of the the following:

  • robot
  • peephole camera/ security monitor
  • internet radio player
  • weather station
  • Book scanner (photograph pages then run OCR)

These are just a few quick thoughts to get the ball rolling. Please post your thoughts, and after a few iterations we will converge on some organization of game plan to move forward.

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Re: RPi Project Brainstorming
by bmcgonag » Sat Jan 24, 2015 6:26 pm

I like the idea of a robot. I suppose as long as it can be a semi-simple project. Maybe broken down into 6 or 8
parts, that we can then go home an dwork on during the month between meetings.

If that’s the case should it be a project where we only need 1 R PI to do the project, then we can work on a second where we use multipl R PI’s for something?

  • bmcgonag

I really like the idea of a robot as well. It also is a nice project in which there are several parts, like you say. I think the list of topics (the first list in my post above) covers everything I think one would need to know something about to build a robot with an RPi for a brain.

If several people with Pis are interested in robotics, we could divide the task up and each one work separately (at home) on their own pi. Then, at meetings we could swap successes and failures.

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I down to build a robot. I don’t have any ideas on the kind of robot yet. When I think robot though I think BattleBots! Sooo, if that is what we are doing then that is totally okay with me.

Here are the other projects I talked about on Saturday:

Awesome starter list! Thanks @daniel_ferguson!