RasPlex - a Great Way to Stream your Media using Raspberry PI

Overtime I find another project to use my Raspberry PI for, I’m simply impressed all over again at how much you can get out of such a small computing board.

Keep in mind, as many of you, I have a very old perspective on computing. My first was a TI based system that used a keyboard hooked to my TV with ‘cartridges’ that you inserted for different environments / applications. I additionally had a Commodore 64 to play with growing up.

My first real PC was a 386 with 2 MB (no, that’s not a typo) of RAM, and a 40 MB (nope, still not a typo) hard drive. When I told people I had a 40 MB HDD, they would look at me and ask “What are you ever going to need 40 MB of space for? It’s ridiculous.”

Fast forward 25 years, and it seems like 40 TB isn’t enough anymore.

I have a huge volume of DVDs, including Movies and TV Series I’ve enjoyed enough to buy the set. For years I’ve had a first generation Roku, and an apple TV. Both of these devices are getting a bit old, and don’t support my streaming needs the way I need them to. I was searching for a solution, and came across RasPlex http://www.rasplex.com .

I’ve used Plex for streaming my own media for several years now, and it’s a great system, with a great User Experience. I was excited to find this offering. It allows you to create a “Set-top Box” from your Raspberry PI with the Plex front end, and then you can stream your media to it.

It worked flawlessly, the setup was pretty easy, though they could use a back button on their 1st run wizard. Now I am streaming from my computer room to my living room again, and @Lopezb29 and I can enjoy our media in comfort.