September - DotM - I'm looking for thoughts and ideas

Okay folks,

I’m looking for thoughts and ideas for a distro of the month for September’s meeting. I have a couple of thoughts, and want your feedback on what we should do.

  1. Antergos Linux - Arch based with an easier installer.
  2. Any light-weight distro you want - then we can each do a little show and tell / discussion about our chosen distro
    a. Examples would be: Puppy Linux, Lubuntu, Linux Lite, Tiny Core, etc.

So, jump on, leave a comment and let’s pick something fun and interesting.

Looks like I have some catching up to do. Looking at Ubuntu and Mint and getting back into them but will give these a review too. And will let you know if I come across something for later ideas.

Thank you Brian.

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Alrighty folks, through lack of response, I have decided we will try out Antergos Linux. Get yourselves a copy and install it, either natively, or in a Virtual Machine, and see how it goes. I’ll give you a hint…at one point during the install it will ask you about installing PacAUR, and I suggest it despite their warning.

Best, and see you all in September.

Ok folks, who’s been messing with Antergos? Whew! What a learning curve.

Just in case you’re wondering, if you chose to install the AUR, then you can use the yaourt command to search and install from the AUR, or you can look online for applications. packages to install at

to search, for example for gedit…

yaourt gedit

It will then give you a list of options if more than 1 exist. To install one, just type the number

Then press enter and follow the prompts.

if you want more than 1 options, type each number separated by a space.

FYI, you probably want to enter n when prompted about viewing the package details / contents.