Streaming Screen from PC to Raspberry PI

We discussed this briefly in our March 2017 LUG meeting, to try and bridge a gap when it comes to presenting from different laptops at our meetings, so I figured I would start this thread to lit out links that may be of interest in trying to solve this problem.

First up, I found the perfect method, so I’ll try to find some time to make this happen in the next week or so. Would be nice to have a little UI around it, and some security, but Let’s see what else we find.

Here’s another option possibly

Good news! If @tbaugh has a wired connection to his router available in the training room where we meet, then I think we’ve got a solid solution for wirelessly sharing our screens from Linux during meetings.

I have used a Raspberry PI 3 and a program called omxplayer to start the pi listening on UDP for incoming streams. This is the part that (so far) needs to be wired to the network, but I’m still playing with the wireless to see what I can do.

Once the PI is listening, then you can send a stream to the PI on the specified port, using ffmpeg, and using h.264 you get some great compression in the stream so there is minimal lag ( ~ < 1 second), and the image is quite good.

I figure we can test at our April 11, 2017 meeting, and see how it goes.

I’ll try to add a video of what I’m doing, and a parts list in a reply later.