The LUG Wiki Pages

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I’ve updated the main wiki page:

I wanted to give it some more organization and links up front. In a few days, if no one complains, I’m going to remove the link to the old SIG page and possibly delete the page since we now have all of the links to the SIGs on the main page.

I’m wondering if we can adapt the style of the pages to conform more to the main LUG page. I like the grey tones. It just seems more pleasing than the bright white I see on the wiki. Do you guys know who to possibly do this?

The other item I wanted to mention is to think about which links to add to the left bar of wiki pages.


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I think it looks great!

As for the theme, Let me see what I can do. I know there is some theming available in Media-wiki, so maybe we can use that.

I have added a skin to the LUG Wiki. Please go to Preferences in the upper right by your username, then click ‘Appearance’ tab, and select the Pixeled skin. Then save.

You may just see it show up anyway as I’ve set it to default. If you find other skins you’d like to add, just send me the download link, and I can get them added.


So, I’ve updated the Forum boards with a newer dark color theme. If you guys hate it completely, let me know. If you’re an admin, you can adjust it as well under the Admin section. No CSS or Html required.

For those who may not be seeing a darker theme, you may need to clear your browser cache.


So far I think it looks nice. Good Work.