Windows 10? No your freedom of choice isn't our concern

So, this post really says it all, but if you’ve been fighting those prompts to upgrade, be careful, now if you click the close button (the ‘X’ in the upper right) it will signify to Microsoft that you are ready to upgrade. So you can choose to upgrade, or choose to upgrade.

I feel fortunate to live in a country where I have the freedom to choose an operating system that chooses to disregard my freedom to choose an operating system.

Yep! Microsoft upgrade all of our work PC’s this week. They are like a communist government!

Do you think that this will change after the free upgrade year ends ?

I think so. They are trying to move as many people to 10 as possible before that, but once it ends, and becomes a paid upgrade, I imagine it will slowly change, and the nags will go away. Just my 2 cents.

I’m not sure I see the point in charging for it again, now that it’s been free for a year. If people aren’t willing to upgrade for free, then why on earth would they pay for the upgrade? But hey, I try to use common sense in a senseless world.

I just bought a new laptop that already had Windows 10 on it. Isn’t this really Windows 9, or did they switch to base 9?

Doesn’t matter what number they give it…still not so great. I believe they had to skip 9 because of some issue with referencing certain libraries that conflicted with the 9 in 95 and 98. So they jumped to 10.

The other theory is that they new every odd number was terrible, so they skipped it. (didn’t work).

Thanks. I wonder if they will “extend” the free period.

They might. I just saw an article that said “Windows 10 now the most popular version of Windows”. A bit of a misleading title. Probably more accurate to say ‘Windows 10 now the most forcefully installed version of Windows’.

Given that, I think that not only will they stop the upgrades for free, but they’ll pretty quickly start some type of per install subscription in order to keep certain features. Just my thoughts…a bit of the conspiracy theorist coming out in me.

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I’ve been using Windows 10 on my new laptop for a week now, and I really hate it. It’s a memory and CPU hog. Has any had any experience migrating a stock Windows installation to a VM? I would like to keep Windows for work on my StarCraft project.

I haven’t tried to migrate Windows 10. I tried with Windows 8.1, and it just didn’t work for me. I read posts, articles, and all kinds of other info, but never could get it to work because Windows checks hardware before booting (even more so with Windows 10) and won’t boot if the hardware has changed. VMs don’t tend to show the same hardware as the physical machine, so it won’t boot. I found a few places where people said you could create some type of file for the VM to use as the hardware stack…but i never got that to work either.

I do like it for a Windows version, but it phones home all of the time.

@hornedfrog it’s that phone home that concerns me. I can’t imagine what it would need that it has to constantly call back to ‘headquarters’ for.

I have no doubt it’s tons of usage information, which both they and Apple collect, but you have to opt in with Apple during upgrade or install…whereas I’m guessing you have to opt out with MS, and it’s probably a very well hidden ‘feature’ for the opt out screen.

Easy setup seems to set everything to on.