Youtube Alternative - LBRY

I have been using for a little while now and have been liking it a lot. I know there are some other alternatives out there, I know peertube has been mentioned here before, there is also distrotube and bitchute. I know a lot of folks are turning to these alternatives since some of their favorite broadcasters are getting blocked or demonetized for very obscure reasons. LBRY has a “payment” system that allows you to charge a fee for certain content in the LBRY made crypto coin. The tech behind LBRY is pretty cool too. When content is uploaded it is recorded in a blockchain and distributed so that it can never be removed from the system without messing with the entire chain. They designed it as a protocol for permanent data archival. And the companion site is designed to be much more user friendly and a much more “Youtube” like experience. It will eventually support ads, and if advertisers don’t like content they can filter it, but it will not be removed from the system due to the protocol’s design and will always be accessible through the protocol using their apps or your own apps designed to use the protocol.

If you decide to sign up I have an invite link

Let me know what you all think about the state of youtube and the upcoming alternatives.